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Building Your Personal Website

Putting your “personal brand” online is important for everyone, professionals and students, whether you’re a technology person, an artist or a liberal arts major.

Scary (or Inspiring) Stats

  • 56% of all hiring managers are more impressed by a candidate’s personal website than any other personal branding tool
  • Only 7% of job seekers actually have a personal website.


Here’s a list of resources for building personal websites.

  1. How My Personal Website Helped Me Land My Dream Job – Why you should create a personal website. (
  2. Why Every Job Seeker Should Have a Personal Website, And What It Should Include – Just what the title says. (
  3. You Are Missing Out By Not Creating A Personal Website: Disproving The 6 Myths – Why you should create a personal website. (
  4. Your Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your Personal Website in a Week – A guide to planning your personal website before you start building. (
  5. The Ultimate Guide To Building A Personal Website (video summary) – After you read number 1, 2 and 3 and then do number 4, use this step by step tutorial to build a personal website (using WordPress.) This post includes some good pesonal website examples and some suggested themes, plugins and widgets. There is a long section on buying a web hosting using the author’s Hostgator account (and the same in the video.) Skip it. (College Info Geek)
  6. 6 ways to make your personal website more effective – Some good tips.
  7. The 35 Best Personal Websites We’ve Ever Seen – Great inspiration for your personal website. (